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Sprint Training

The Bunch Sprint. All of the attacks and digs earlier in the race come to nothing as the peloton screams towards the finish. Those with the nerve, and the legs, jostle for position at the front. Two kilometres from the … Continue reading

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Some Final Thoughts on Kermis Racing

So, some final thoughts… Easier to bullet point this… Getting involved in racing in Belgium is very easy, all you have to do is turn up with your license and a dispensation letter from your home cycling organisation (British Cycling … Continue reading

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Belgium – Day Zero

“Did racing in Belgium meet your expectations?” “Well…” Driving through northern France and into southern Belgium it’s clear how the noted style of Belgium racing has, at it’s heart, the geography and terrain of the region. The unbroken views across … Continue reading

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The Off Season

The brilliant blue of a cloudless sky. The suns warmth, seeping into bones that in their slumber seemed old and fused, unlocks their youth. Rejuvenated, the rider surges forward, the dust sheet billowing in his wake, floating and falling, discarded … Continue reading

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