Monthly Archives: February 2011

The Off Season

The brilliant blue of a cloudless sky. The suns warmth, seeping into bones that in their slumber seemed old and fused, unlocks their youth. Rejuvenated, the rider surges forward, the dust sheet billowing in his wake, floating and falling, discarded … Continue reading

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Sleep Deprivation

Last night was brutal: today I am exhausted. This tiredness has a familiar feeling,  physically and mentally. I am a new parent again, but with my son sleeping soundly in the next room. No matter how hard I try, the … Continue reading

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1am. Thinking about food.

It would be nice to know why I can’t stop eating. After several months of fairly successful weight loss, I seem to be stuck, fluctuating in a band between 80 and 82 kilograms. Based on my back of the envelope … Continue reading

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