About Me…

Living in East London, I’ve been cycling competitively since 2009. Until 2008 I was extremely inactive, and weighed around 112 kilos. Then, in the spring of that year, I decided to change my lifestyle. I’m not sure what prompted this change, but I decided to attempt the Great North Run, a challenging half marathon held in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in the North of England. As part of the build up, I decided to do the London Duathlon, and bought myself a Bianchi Via Nirone to train and compete on. A few long Sunday rides later and I was hooked.

I now compete as a Category 3 racer, scoring points in regional road races, and do the occasional time trial. I train and race using a Boardman Team Carbon which I built up myself, occasionally ride a Wilier Cento Uno for pleasure, and have a CAAD 9 CX for cross and taking my son out for a ride.

Outside of bike racing, I have a job in the City of London as a Credit Analyst with a German bank. Oh, and my name is Tom.


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