The Belgium Adventure

My hotel for the first 3 days is in Waregem, south-west Belgium. Driving in town last night, it reminded me of most Belgian towns I’ve seen – a lot of low density “new build” housing and a few older structures in the centre of town. I’m always surprised by how quiet these places are – the first question is always “where are all the people?”

Hotel Ambassade is a very quiet hotel – I think there’s only a couple of other rooms occupied, and the owner told me this morning I’ll be the only guest Sunday night. She was very happy when I told her I probably wouldn’t want breakfast until 10. This despite the 30 odd rooms available. Still, I guess unless you have a reason to be here…

Of course, no foreign adventure would be complete without, well, a little adventure. Yes, I made the most elementary mistake – forgot my license. Fortunately, I have a PDF scan of my license, sent to me by British Cycling back in January, and Waregem (even more fortunately) has both a photographers offering passport photos “while-you-wait” and a copy shop offering printing and lamination. Took me a little while to locate them, but panic over for now. I don’t think the lady who served me in Bonnet Supplies realised how relieved I was, nor that I would have paid ten times the €2.67 they charged me to make my license. I didn’t actually hug her, but the relief I felt…

First race this afternoon, looks like it may be overcast but dry. Let’s hope there’s no more drama, I’ve had my fill already.

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